4 Impulse Items Every Store Should Carry

Posted by Brian Johnson on 9/14/2015
4 Impulse Items Every Store Should Carry
Playing cards, hoodies, shot glasses and more! When it comes to choosing impulse products, marketing or giveaway items, it’s all about mass appeal. Sometimes this can be pretty straightforward, especially if you’re choosing items for a niche demographic. For example, if you’re designing marketing items for a surfing team, it’s a pretty safe bet that they’ll be happy with travel-friendly sunblock. However, if you need to design swag or provide impulse items for an eclectic group, that’s where you can run into trouble. 

What’s something that a stay-at-home dad, high-powered attorney and green-minded entrepreneur will all love? Don’t overthink it. Consider what items you use on a regular basis. For example, most people could use a fresh pack of batteries in a common size. Put your logo on it, and you’ll be remembered every time your batteries save the day (like when the remote dies right before an important game). 

Here are a few must-have items that are always winners. When it comes to mass appeal, luckily there are plenty of goodies that we all know and love: 

1. Lip balm 

Nearly everyone could use some extra lip balm, especially if you live in a region with extreme weather. Keeping a tube in the glove box, spare bathroom, a purse or backpack is always a good idea — especially if the balm contains an SPF. This is an easy-to-grab, affordable and lightweight item popular among companies and customers alike. 

2. Socks 

Everyone loves a brand-new pair of socks. There’s something about slipping your feet into that soft cotton that’s sheer luxury. Plus, most people can fit into one of two sizes (men’s and women’s). This makes it much easier than other clothing options, and you can have plenty of fun with puns, logo designs and text. 

3. First Aid 

Everyone should have a first-aid kit in their car, at home and in their office. Unfortunately, should doesn’t always translate to does. These desirable kits are easy to grab and something everyone can use. They offer a lot of space to put your logo, text or other designs, too. You can tie into a theme, such as a safety conference, or it can be a natural accoutrement to absolutely any type of event. Safety first! 

4. Gloves 

These are semi-seasonal, but for the most part, gloves are a popular and easy option. They’re especially favored for outdoor events, and just like socks, you only need to keep a couple of sizes on hand. Can’t decide which item is best for your business or event? Call Sierra Wholesale Supply and discuss your needs with an expert who will keep your demographic, budget and preferences in mind to help you design the ultimate giveaway gift.
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