4 Perfect Events for Grabber Warmers

Posted by Brian Johnson on 8/10/2015
4 Perfect Events for Grabber Warmers
Grabber warmers for chilly hands are the ultimate giveaway item. Selecting swag or marketing items is like choosing a wedding favor for your guests. You want to pick something everyone will like and use, and in some cases what everyone will indulge in right away. There’s no point in wasting your time, money or efforts on an item that’s mediocre. Luckily, you can find a few aces in the hole, and grabber warmers are one of them. 

You don’t need to wait until winter to make these in-demand warmers your most popular marketing item. After all, they’re simple to customize, and in many regions early morning and evening events are chilly even in the summer. If you want to give attendees, clients or guests something to smile about (and keep their check-writing hands in good form if you’re raising money), grabber warmers are the way to go. Here are just a few events where they’re the obvious choice: 

1. Fun Runs 

Technically, these runs don’t need to be fun since marathons and other endurance events in cool weather can nearly demand some heat for the hands. Any physical event that’s held outside is going to have athletes with low body fat percentages shivering before the gun time. You want to keep them comfortable so they can chase a personal record and be in high spirits. 

2. Camping Trips 

There’s only so much room by the campfire to warm those hands. Hand warmers make happy campers and nimble fingers for making s’mores, packing toppings on hot dogs and pitching those tents. This makes warmers great for corporate camping trips, college retreats or any group outing that takes place in the great outdoors. 

3. Outdoor Concerts 

It’s pretty tough to hold up a lighter (or smartphone) when your hands are numb with cold. Grabber warmers guarantee that concert and festival attendees are cozy enough to withstand even the coldest of weather conditions. Nobody wants to miss out on the encore, and all it takes is a little extra touch of warmth to make it through. 

4. Outdoor Volunteering 

No matter what the volunteer gig, whether you’re directing traffic or handing out flyers, a warm heart doesn’t equate to warm hands. Keep your volunteers sitting pretty and they’ll be more likely to return. Many nonprofits lean heavily on their volunteers, and sometimes it’s the smallest of touches that can make all the difference. Plus, with your custom logo prominently featured on the grabber warmers, they’ll be reminded again and again which organization really cares for them. 

Any time you have a group heading outdoors, grabber warmers are a good call. They’re a touch of home and can make the difference between cutting an event short and enjoying the full ride. Call Sierra Wholesale Supply for personalized grabber warmers at budget-friendly prices.
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