Playing Cards: The Ultimate Giveaway Item

Posted by Brian Johnson on 10/27/2015
Playing Cards
What is it about playing cards that makes everyone want to collect them? Of all the giveaway, marketing and swag items available, playing cards are always a safe bet (so to speak). They can be personalized not once, but numerous times over. When playing games, you can’t help but look at the logo or image that graces the back of each card. Plus, playing cards are one of the few tangible, traditional games that hasn’t been completely taken over by the digital era. 

Playing cards just work, which make them a marketer’s dream come true. They’re suitable for all ages, whether you want to play gin rummy, Texas Hold ’Em or Go Fish. They’re also affordable, compared to some other items. They’re gender neutral and small/lightweight enough to haul around easily. There’s no such thing as having too many sets, and if you’re lucky, your guests might burst out in an impromptu game right on the spot. 

No Gamble Here 

Choosing the perfect giveaway item is often a case of trial and error. For the newbie marketer, it’s easy to embrace the go big or go home mentality. Would everyone at that upcoming tradeshow love an iPod dock? Of course, but it’s not realistic for most budgets. Also, not everyone even has an iPod. However, you don’t need to think of a tight budget as a constraint — think of it as an excuse to flex your creativity muscles. 

Many seasoned marketers keep coming back to playing cards for a reason. They’re safe, which is a great thing for a marketing department. As an added bonus, they’re also relatively eco-friendly to make and are fully recyclable, if necessary. They’re the perfect giveaway item because of their mass appeal, and they transcend the boundaries of language. 

What other marketing item can tout so many upsides? 

Designing Your Cards 

Unlike many other marketing items, you don’t need to worry if your logo is too big, too overbearing or will keep people from using the item. You’ll get extra bonus points if the logo you choose is attractive, but for the most part people will play cards no matter what the packaging looks like (within reason, of course!). This allows you room to test out new branding, try out a new logo and see what kind of response you get with little to no risk. 

Working with a wholesale company that doubles as a printer/designer is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. If this is your first time creating a playing card design, you want to make sure the colors work together, the text will be readable at that size and that the overall design is appealing. What looks great on a poster may not translate well to cards. Play it safe and connect with Sierra Wholesale Supply, your team of experts who will give you their ace up the sleeve when designing playing cards for marketing swag.
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