Oxygen Plus Mini

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Part Number:OXY0003

Energize and recover with a breath of fresh air with Oxygen Plus’s O+ Mini oxygen canisters. Each travel-friendly O+ Mini contains more than 24 deep breaths of pure recreational oxygen, offering a revitalizing boost of energy and recovery while you’re on the go.


The elevating O+ Mini helps to restore your body’s depleted energy levels to normal, healthy levels with natural, essential energy that helps your brain and body function, focus and fight fatigue. This three-pack of pure recreational oxygen from Oxygen Plus comes with a trio of unscented, concentrated oxygen for the perfect pick-me-up.


O+'s lightweight, pocket-sized canisters of recreational oxygen conveniently fit in your purse or backpack, providing you with a quick energy boost whenever you find yourself feeling drowsy or fatigued.

Minimum order of 12 cans.

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